Medical Interior Design

Creating environments both in beauty and function

We recognise the importance of considered interior design in successful healthcare solutions

We believe that interior design is intrinsic to healthcare design. We have our interior design specialists integrated into the design and development of every project. Through the holistic integration of interior design early in the design process, we arrive at exciting and creative solutions.

Way finding is a critical element in the success of a project and needs to be part of the building design, not simply signage added to the finished building.

Spatial legibility and way finding are pivotal to a successful project and building design is often burdened by issues of security, zoning and functional compartmentalisation. To avoid this, we create special and memorable places throughout each building that help to orient building occupants and residents.

Many of our projects actively pursue the themes of modularity and spatial flexibility, accommodating future change while not appearing temporary or insubstantial.

We seek to infuse our interior spaces with a sense of the building as a whole, reflecting themes and materials on the outside throughout the interior spaces.


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