Health & Hospital Architects

Health Science Planning Consultants (HSPC) is an experienced and committed architectural and health planning practice. We specialise in all facets of health care design including inception, master planning, health planning, hospital design, documentation, hospital construction and technical delivery, aged care and retirement living, and scientific projects. Most projects we have undertaken involve existing facilities, where the need to keep facilities operational is paramount. Our Melbourne hospital construction services and solutions therefore start with the premise of minimal disruption during construction, while seeking to optimise new functional relationships within the complex operations of high use facilities.

At HSPC, we aim to deliver projects in which our clients take strong ownership of the outcomes, with a human centred approach, and thereby attain fulfilment of their ideals for their project. We define ‘Design’ as the art of least compromise, in all facets of functionality budgetary concerns and technical resilience. We encourage you to explore our website.